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Tips for a Successful Blind Date: Screw tension, just have fun!

Tips for a Successful Blind Date:
No tension, just fun!

This guide to a successful blind is worth money. Happily, you’re getting it from us for free!

Read on to find out what is important before and during a blind date. This will help you to avoid tension and simply relax and enjoy the evening.

Some of the biggest blind date agents offer their services online. The classical variety is the "blind date dinner", where three to five women and three to five men are gathered for dinner in the evening in order to mix and get to know one another. It is up to the agencies to ensure that the mix of participants, and the event itself, are all fitting so that the evening is an overall successful one.

Apart from dinner dates, there is a host of other events that blind date organisers plan. These include blind date pub crawls, blind date cooking courses, blind date cocktail parties and more. Then, of course, there are some particularly interesting ones such as speed dates!

1. Before the Blind Date

It’s Best to Live in or Near a Big City!

Blind dates are organized in many cities across the countries such as (rewrite this depending on the country!). Although there are blind date agencies in almost every city, you’ll actually find that there is a lot more choice the bigger the population!

Be Flexible Timewise When it Comes to Dating!

When you register with a blind date agency, they will take your conditions and requirements into account and match you up with other people who may fit to you. You will then receive regular invitations (usually by email) to blinddate events in the city that you’ve signed up with. It is up to you to decide whether or not you will go to a particular event. So be relaxed... You will eventually meet the love of your life... It may just take a few tries!

Don’t Cancel a Blind Date on Short Notice or Simply Not Show Up!

Blind date agencies already have enough to deal with: bringing all of the participants together, matching them up with the right kind of people, organizing events and more. Cancelling with short notice means that they have to find a replacement for you – fast. What is also particularly annoying is singles who simply don’t show up at all, or go into the restaurant, take a look around and vanish again. Firstly: a blinddate dinner with an empty place isn’t exactly enticing for anyone else. And secondly: you paid for the damn thing! You should at least enjoy the food and drink!

Remain Calm… Or Calm Down!

Your first blinddate is imminent. You will hopefully spend a relaxing evening with strangers. Make sure to bring a large dose of openness and an easy-going attitude. The others will also feel insecure in the first half hour or so. So don’t tense up! Everything is fine, just go with it: no one’s going to bite your head off (hopefully). We always found it helpful to have a little drink beforehand… Just to remove enough inhibitions!

2. During the Blind Date

This is really the most important rule for the first date! Just like an interview, it won’t do you any good if you try to put on an act. You simply won’t come off as authentic: unless you happen to be a professional actor. If you do happen to be one of the quiet ones, then just try to take part in activities and let the conversation flow naturally!

The Problem with Names

At the beginning of a blinddate event it is customary for everyone to introduce themselves. When your turn comes, make sure to be as brief as possible and only state facts which will make for interesting small talk later. When others introduce themselves, listen intently and try to remember all their names. Don’t just focus on your favorites. Use their names in conversations: people like it when you do this, because it shows that you have genuine interest in them!

Keeping Polite forms of Address Even when on a Blind Date

Adhering the normal rules of politeness is also advised. This doesn’t mean you have to go all-out chivalry if you’re a man: opening the door is necessary for both genders, and there’s no need to throw your jacket down so a lady can walk over a puddle (you know you can walk around it as well…). That aside, there is also no need to freak out about using the wrong cutlery, though it’s highly recommended that you at least use some sort of implement when eating your dinner!

The Charming Conversationalist

Conversation is undoubtedly important and of course, there are a couple of topics you may want to steer clear of on your blind date! Women (and men, really…) should avoid talking about their latest relationships, and men (and women, of course…) should probably refrain from sex talk. At least within the first ten minutes! Another piece of advice we can give: don’t talk about yourself too much, unless you’re asked. Always ask the other person(s) questions and try to get to know them. And a bit of humor also goes a long way!

Stay Calm on Your Blind Date!

It’s a little naïve to think that you’ll land someone in bed after just a few drinks on a blind date. It’s not impossible, of course, however that shouldn’t be the assumption. It makes life a lot easier to simplify your goals. Just go ahead with the idea that you’re heading out to meet a few cool people. For the love of God, do not go around desperately trying to get numbers, either. Let it happen naturally, find a common point of conversation and work it in as it happens.

Act cool, stay cool. The best things happen when you don’t force them too much, especially on blind dates!

Henning Wiechers
has been observing the Australian Online Dating market since 2010. He is among the top opinion leaders in the industry.

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Henning Wiechers
has been observing the Australian Online Dating market since 2010. He is among the top opinion leaders in the industry.

Any questions or suggestions?
Contact him!