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Date: 04. May 2016

Catfishing May Become Extinct With Coy:
Dating App Attempts to Get Rid of the Phenomenon

Posting fake online dating profiles -or indeed, any kind of profile- in order to trick unwary people is known as catfishing. This is often used either to scam money or simply have a bit of fun. There is now a dating app, however, that aims to provide singles wih a surefire way of knowing whether or not a profile is fake. It starts with 10 second first impression videos, all with the goal of creating a secure and safe environment where relationships can grow and blossom.

As a visual dating app, Coy's central goal is matching singles based on "first impression videos" between 10-15 seconds. It is the first app that requires a video profile, whereby you can search for matches. Creating a fake online profile is therefore quite difficult: and it's open to everyone: young, old, LGBTQA+ and beyond.

Users who sign up will see customization tools which can tailor searches for people. The usual factors are used: age, sexuality, gender, distance and more. Once you've found someone who piques your interest, you create a video and send it as an introduction. Upon mutual interest, a video response is sent back. This results in chat and hopefully a connection being built.

"The Coy App is really first-of-its kind because of the commitment to developing a safe environment for relationship building," says Adam Newell, founder and CEO The Coy App. "We are also the first app of this kind to include the transgender community. Our goal is to be inclusive and create a unique platform not seen before with online dating apps."

The whole point of video profiles is to create a safe and comfortable environments for connections to occur. The most important thing, at least at the very beginning, is to know exactly who you are connecting with. It is through the video profile that you can get a good glimpse of someone else's style, personality, their voice and othe factors that just aren't possible with static profiles. This is one of the best ways of determining chemistry before meeting.


Source: Newswire