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Date: 06. June 2016

Virtual Reality Dating:
Meet Singles Online - Literally!

It seems that virtual reality will no longer be the domain of science fiction. The current development shows an interesting trend which could mean a great deal for gaming, business and even online dating. At present the most well-known form of virtual reality is Facebook's Oculus Rift. According to The Examiner, this could mean a massive change in the way we date.

Since Facebook is probably the world's biggest social network, it seems that they can indeed use all the profiles they have to create an interesting dating experience for singles with virtual reality. Most dating sites follow a similar format currently, in that they are more like catalogues and aren't as interactive as many would like. Of course, paging through profiles online is nothing like actually going on a date with someone, so you really don't have a full idea of what the person is like until you actually meet them in the flesh.

That Real-Life Feeling

TimeTrade carried out a survey which revealed that many consumers still prefer brick-and-mortar stores over webships. Being able to feel, see and touch a product is undoubtedly one of the main reasons. People want to know exactly what they're buying, and there is no difference when it comes to dating as well. Virtual reality dating, it seems, is going to help add this element to the online world.

Frolicking in cyberspace is still a while away, of course. However online dating is something that many singles want to be careful about. Aside from casual hookups (whereby safety is really the only concern), then finding a partner is something you want to put some time and effort into. You will after all be sharing your life with this person. With virtual reality, then you can meet the person without actually leaving your house!

Catfish Beware

Creating fake profiles online and using them to scam others is known as catfishing. It is often done for fun, but many more unscrupulous people will do it in order to get money out of singles who are unaware. Of course, it is a lot easier to pretend to be someone else if you can put up any old photo online and just write a few lines of text. With virtual reality, however, catfishing may end up becoming a thing of the past.

Virtual Reality Dating for Seniors

Older people are using online dating more and more, and virtual reality may make it even more accessible, especially to those who are stuck at home or are even bedridden. Added to that is the fact that people are living longer, meaning that there are more dating years ahead of everyone. So it seems that technology is making this even more possible than before!

Source: The Examiner