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Date: 06. June 2016

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Dating Profile Tips for Guys

There are probably thousands of online articles geared towards creating the "perfect" online dating profile. There are countless "dos and don’ts", many of which we have covered in our online dating tips. However, what many singles seem to forget is that everyone is different. So when you’re on the hunt for someone new –whether it be a casual relationship or something more serious- you need to take this into consideration when writing your online dating profile. As a result, here are a few tips aimed specifically a guys trying to attract single ladies.

First Impressions Really Do Count - So Think About It

Your dating profile is most certainly the first ever impression other online singles will get of you. Not only that: it is a still of who you are, the kind of person that you're "putting on the market", so to speak. There are girls out there who are looking for "Mr. Right" and there you want to show that you have such qualities (though it's not always as narrow as this). So, no matter what kind of person you're trying to attract, getting more messages and visits will involve a few key factors:

  • Persuasive language (but not negative or demanding!).
  • The right kind of images that will attract instant attention, but avoid giving an impression of superificiality.

Liven Up Your Language

The last thing you want to do is bore the hell out of someone before you even meet them. Avoiding this has very much to do with the way you write. "Easy-going", "down to earth" and "laid-back" are all cliched terms that we've seen time and time again. Many of those are lies as well. Further offending adjectives are words like "cool", "awesome", "funny"... Honestly, describing yourself as "cool" is probably going to sound more like bragging than anything else. And for the love of all that good, don't say that you "love to laugh" and "enjoy fun". Seriously. Have you ever met someone who vehemently hates fun?

Tell a Story

Since boring people will hardly be noticed, you need to make other singles want to read your profile right to the end. So lists are definitely out... No one wants to read lines and lines of bullet points. Instead of listing your qualities like a catalogue, make a story out of them. It's quite easy to do as you can piece it all together with anecdotes. A further plus to this is adding a funny story: you don't have to tell everyone you're funny because they'll see it for themselves.

Avoid Lying – And Don’t Exaggerate!

Stretching the truth –and most certainly outright lies- have no place on your profile. It can be tempting for guys to exaggerate when it comes to their height, but if you end up meeting someone this will be found out almost immediately. And unfortunately, a lot of girls seem to care about height. Added to this, despite the superficiality of height, your date will see the truth and may wonder about what other things you’ve been exaggerating.

Oversharing Could Be Your Downfall

Single guys getting over a bad break-up, or who don’t feel confident about being able to find a woman, need to keep that information out of their profiles. Remember, negativity is a huge turn-off and if all you do is go into deep, negative detail about why you’re single then you will scare away a lot of potential suitors.

Be Strategic When it Comes to Your Profile Pic!

Dating profile pictures are the main catch, so you need to be critical about your own images! Those looking for a long-term relationship should try to avoid pictures of themselves drinking or making stupid faces at the camera. On the other hand, those looking for a fling may want to avoid serious photos of things like church bake sales. Artsy shots can also work wonders and attract interesting people.

And of course, we would like to add…

  • Know your best angle! Everyone has attractive and unattractive sides, so try to show your best one!
  • Consider the kind of profile picture that would make you click on a profile and keep that in mind when you’re taking a snapshot.