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Date: 23. June 2016

The New Matchmakers:
Millennials Take Charge of Dating

The old-fashioned concept of a matchmaker seems old-fashioned to a lot of people. Singles are all about online dating and apps nowadays: a lot of sites even feature sophisticated matching software and algorithms. It's basically done by computers now and the notion of a person matching two people isn't thought of as normal. According to Vice Magazine, however, it seems that this is changing!

At 24, Sasha Silberg is already running her own business as a "millennial matchmaker" with OKSasha. Being a member of Generation Y herself, she's aware of what people in their twenties and thirties are looking for. She is also very far from the older image of what a matchmaker is supposed to be: someone's aunt who looks for "nice boys" to match her nieces up with. Indeed, Sasha's approach is very different.

A Professional Wingwoman

Yes, Sasha thinks of herself as a professional wingwoman or an "objective friend" who can not only help with the matching process itself, but also as a dating coach providing much-needed advice to younger singles who otherwise don't feel they have a clue. Silberg isn't exactly one of a kind either: there are plenty more Millennial matchmakers looking to give Gen Y the advice and guidance it nees in the otherwise tumultuous world of dating (whether online or off).

Online Dating Sites and Apps: Matchmakers as an Extra Feature, Not a Replacement

Online dating is still very much in demand and these matchmakers and wingwomen are not looking to replace it. Many instead consider themselves to be additional features that help to give it a bit of a human touch, as well as advise the men and women that come to them. "People sign up to date with me because I make dating fun, and I help people be themselves more," Silberberg told Vice. "If you're not acting from your most authentic self during the dating process, you're going to have a really hard time with what you're actually looking for."

Some matchmakers do choose to wrok offline. Sofi Papamarko is an example. Most of her matching takes place between the clients in her database, or acquaintances of hers. Another matchmaker, Christina Weber, hosts events where people meet (in a manner similar to speed dating) but they are not allowed to look at their phones. Weber says that the younger generation today needs guidance: She elaborates that we’re simply not taught the “how” of relationships with others. As a result, Generation Y is a little confused when it comes to settling into relationships whilst putting focus on their careers at the same time.


Source: Vice Magazine US