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Date: 23. June 2016

Ghosting, Easier than Ever Before!
Get Rid of Unwanted Dates with Ghostbot

Ghosting is, by now, a well-known phenomenon in the online dating world. It is simply the process of disappearing and slowly ceasing contact with someone. Some view it as cowardly, though it is very much widely-practiced. As a result, the app Ghostbot has been designed to make the process even easier for singles.

Ghostbot works in a very simple manner: it screens the texts you receive from the person you intend on ghosting. The bot has a rich database of general, somewhat cold answers to send. One-word answers ("yeah", "nope") or things like "Just me and a bottle of pinot griggio tonight!". Ideally, this goes on until your date gives up.

The app is a product of Ad Hoc Labs, co-founded by Will Carter. Carter says, "We hear a lot of anecdotes about terrible texting from dating matches, but sometimes blocking someone creates an awkward social circumstance. Ghostbot helps you go through the motion of ghosting someone without negative consequences."

As well as Ghostbot, Ad Hoc has also designed another app called Burner. This is a handy way of creating fake (or "temporary", because you can use them for a limited time) phone numbers to give to people you're not that into. This isn't just other singles: it can be religious evangelists, salespeople or just individuals you think are disgusting.

"It’s designed to be noncommittal but also have a little bit of snark or character when it interprets a message that’s provocative,"Carter went on.

This can help to make it seem as though they are speaking with a real (if uninterested) person. If messages turn out to be lewd or suggestive, then it will also respond accordingly (by sending poo emojis, or lighter ones like a thumbs-down). Carter stresses that they tried not to make the bot too mean.

The app is not recommended for those in long-term relationships, Carter announced. He said that it was for empowering individuals who simply did not want to have to deal with an uncomfortable situation. As cowardly as that may seem, it could end up being a good idea in the end. At least for some of us.