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Date: 05. July 2016

Dating Profiles You Probably Shouldn't Click On
Always Think Twice Before You Swipe

Before you decide to click on that hottie's online dating profile, take a step back and really look at it. We have already covered the world of fakes in online dating, but there are other red flags out there which may indicate that the single you're fawning over really isn't the one for you. We know that everyone’s different, but these are a couple of general rules that can help to steer you out of turbulent waters of love and away from the doldrums of romance.

The Shirtless Mirror Selfie

If the dating profile in question is male (in most mirror selfie cases that are), it probably means that the person on the other end is just looking for a one night stand and/or is generally narcissistic and shallow. If you're up for a one night stand or just looking for a romp in sheets, then by all means, swipe right and message the guy! Just don't expect anything long term.

Selfies Again… In Fact, ALL of Them Are!

Having a lot of photos on a dating profile that the guy (or girl… women are very much guilty of this as well) has taken can beg a very simple question: do they have any friends? Would it not have occurred, at some point, that even one of their acquaintances could’ve snapped up a picture during a social engagement?

BEAR IN MIND:We wouldn't discount this completely… Shocking, there are a number of people who actually enjoy being social and don’t spend the whole time on their phones when around other people. So beware, but don’t see selfies as the end!

Duck Face

It's disgusting. People don’t do that. And people shouldn’t look like ducks. Unless they actually glue a beak to their faces. The duckface is just another way of masking your “real self” and this can also set off warning bells for most people. If you are a fellow duckfacer, however, the girl or guy in question may still be worth considering. You do, after all, have a very common interest (and a strange kissing technique).

A Distinct Lack of Photos

Honestly, this should go without saying. Not everyone has a smartphone, that’s true, but almost everyone with Internet has access to even a second-rate camera. There is no excuse for not having a photo and, to be quite frank, it’s nice to know who you’re talking to. Someone without a photo who even refuses to show you one is not worth it! (Plus, they could be hiding something).

A Photo That Bares it All

Sex dating sites are quite common… And yes, explicit profile photos are not unheard of on such platforms. But those platforms are used for casual dating and sex, and by people who are only looking for that. For the majority of dating sites, an explicit image is a little too forward! Those looking for a relationship or even just to date someone in the traditional sense should probably avoid this type of single as well!