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Date: 12. July 2016

Need Date Ideas? Why Not Try Pokemon Go!
New Mobile Game is Turning into a Dating App

Pokemon GO is a new Android and iOS app that offers an augmented reality mobile game which was released only days ago. Players create an avatar and then explore their surrounding area for virtual Pokemon to capture, train and battle with against other players. The game could be good for singles too, as players have found the mobile game to be a useful tool for getting dates.

So far, Pokemon Go has been released in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The app has exploded in popularity, rocketing to the top of app stores and even becoming popular among singles. What’s interesting is that in the USA, the app has been downloaded more than Tinder. Not only do players have the chance to catch them all: singles have the chance of catching a date.

Need a Date Idea? Pokemon GO Can Help!

Users not only can meet other singles while playing Pokemon GO, but it also doubles as an excellent date option and has given people a few original ideas. In fact, there are also reports stating that the mobile game is bringing families together. No doubt this means that couples have had a new lease of life with the game and can enjoy battling one another. The game also encourages people to leave the house.

One Pokemon GO players states: "[My wife and I] drove from PokeStop to PokeStop and caught a ton of Pokemon while chasing down silhouettes of Pokemon along the way," said the user. "It was way more fun than it sounds and we ended up having good luck with servers until we came home after midnight. It was a simple and inexpensive date, which we plan to do again. If you have a [significant other] who is into Pokemon, make it a date!"