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Date: 21. July 2016

The Newest Tinder Function:
Go on Group Dates or Just Hang Out with Tinder Social

Seeming to constantly update and evolve, Tinder Social is the latest feature from one of the world's most expansive dating apps. Already tested here in Australia in early 2016, the developers are now launching the Social feature for those who want to do more than just go on one-on-one dates.

Tinder Social: How it Works

The Tinder is well known as a part of the online dating world, but it now seems to be getting into the realm of real social networking as well. Rather than simply focussing on romance, Tinder Social aims to bring groups of friends together for all kinds of events and excursions (as well as more, we suppose, if you're into that sort of thing!). Basically, you add your Facebook friends who have Tinder and as a group decide what you'd like to do (go to a concert, hit the beach, drink together etc...).

Afterwards, you swipe through other groups who are interested in similar things. If both groups are up for going to the same event, then all you have to do is meet up and get going.

In essence, this new feature is simply a new way of connecting with friends and planning a night out. According to the app’s CEO, it’s not just for single people looking to go out and get laid or find the love of their lives. It can be a great of injecting a bit of social ambition into groups of friends. There is also a group chat feature which allows everyone to participate, hence making the lines of communication open and easier.


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