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Date: 09. September 2016

Watch Out:
The Emojis to Avoid in Online Dating!

Most can agree that emojis are fun. They can also make your messages more animated. This is why singles often use them in online dating. However, you may want to consider the emojis you use, especially during the early stages or first messages. Some may end up leading to a misunderstanding which could, quite frankly, be detrimental to the connection you're trying to build.

Crystal Ball: The crystal ball is primarily association with prediction and the future. For early messages, it may indicate that you're looking ahead. Which can mean marriage or even children in the future. This is likely to scare some singles off, especially at the start when things tend to be a lot more casual. For anyone who is insistent on using this, make sure to tread every carefully!

French Horn: The French Horn is a very difficult instrument to play, that much is true. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of skill. Those in the orchestra, however, don't often opt to play it and the instrument is usually seen as a chore. Using it as an emoji in your text messages isn't going to do you a lot of favours, as it may indicate that you're viewing your potential suitor as a chore as well.

Slot Machine: Gambling is what most people associate slot machines and other casino-related emojis with. Which is naturally not a good message to convey to a partner. It is best to keep things light and therefore avoid the slot machine entirely.

Whale Emojis: Whales can be controversial in the sense that there are many people who are sensitive about their weight. Realistic whale emojis can end up making it seem like you're calling them fat and, overall, they're not particularly romantic. The good news is that cartoon whales are often seen as cute, so maybe it's best to stick to them!

Compressor: To be honest, we don’t even really know why people send these in the first place.

Rosette: Members of House Tyrell have every good reason to use the Rosette. Unfortunately, unless you're intent on bombarding the other person with spoilers from Game of Thrones, you'll want to keep it out of the picture. After all, isn't it better to punish someone with spoilers after you've broken up?

Ghost: Ghost emojis are fantastic and can add a fun element to messages. If you've been dating for a while, and in the right context, you can go ahead and use these. It is a little creepy to pop a ghost into your message in the earlier stages though, so we'd advise against this as well.

Biohazard: These signs are there to serve a purpose and there is no reason to include them in any message ever (unless you are discussing a particularly gross person who should be avoided at all costs).