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Date: 14. August 2016

Dating Fails:
Mistakes That Millennials Make in Dating

We all make mistakes and the Millennial generation is not immune. This is especially true when it comes to online dating. Most of this is down to lack of experience, which most of us improve as time goes by. However, many of the following errors are often made by Millennial singles which in turn can help them to grown and learn more about dating and relationships overall.

Going too Fast

Dating is not unlike a game, but one that awards a fantastic prize. Moving into something too fast, however, may leave you with a dud award. You could end up with someone who doesn't quite fit, making the two of you very unhappy. Unfortunately society has a tendency to put pressure on people to have a relationship. As a result, very few wish to be single and there is a huge push for for people to have a partner. Regardless, it is important to remember that moving too fast can be detrimental to the mental health of both partners.


This of course doesn't just involve Tinder, but it is one of the more well-known online dating apps. Some are used for hooking up, others are more relationship-oriented. Whatever you're looking for, however, one major mistake is restricting the kind of online dating platform you're using. Tinder is particularly superficial - there are many more great sites to help you find a partner!

Overzealous Social Media Use

Millennials are not the only ones who like to boast things on social media... but the younger generation does have the upper hand when it comes to relationships. Social media can end up becoming overwhelming, and constantly posting pictures and posts about your relationship is common. Being a "Facebook official" couple is also seen as a marker of how serious one's relationship is... However this isn't necessarily a good idea. Don't use social media to try and validate your relationships.

Incessant Texting

One thing many people do once they're in a relationship is feel the need to be in constant contact with their partner. Incessant texting can get tiresome, but most of us feel the pressure to speak with our significant other every day. This is bad because it causes a lot of anxiety for both parties. A simple tip would be, quite frankly, to just chill! Not hearing from your partner every couple of hours isn't going to make the world collapse. After all, everyone has lives!

High Levels of Jealousy

Jealousy is something we all feel... Whether our relationship is monogamous or not. But it can be taken to intolerable levels... and trust issues are naturally a bit problem for many Millennials. Being jealous over ridiculous things such as your partner having a friend of the opposite sex is something you'll have to get over because it WILL ruin things in the long run.

Keeping Expectations too High

There is nothing wrong with compromise in a relationship. You also have the right to a few expectations. But insisting that your partner change in certain ways or expecting them to live up to an inhuman number of ideals is seriously going to limit the number of people you could have a happy relationship with! Consider this carefully when you’re about to swipe left.


A lot of singles say they hate games, whether Millennials or not. The evidence points to the contrary being true. These days, there are a lot of singles who aren’t honest about straight-up liking a person. They’ll end up beating around the bush for what seems like an eternity until it reaches almost childish levels.