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Date: 15. September 2016

Finding "the One":
Fewer Relationship-Seekers on Tinder

It's become pretty normal to meet your partner online: particularly with the dating app Tinder. It does show that apps like Tinder are not always filled with singles looking for horny hook-ups, but rather want something a little deeper than a one-night stand.

It does then seem unfortunate to point out that those who meet their partner on this app are an exception. Everyone knows scores of people who have gone on first dates from Tinder and then never heard from that person again. While this may seem discouraging, singles should be happy in the knowledge that 80% of the Tinder population want a deep and meaningful relationship.

This is according to a statistic, however those asked may have only thought that it was the appropriate way to respond. If the answer was an honest one, then it can be considered rather surprising news! However, few people ask the real question: is Tinder a waste of time for those who want a relationship?

A Relationship? What the Research Says

The research doesn’t show very clear answer, wavering somewhere between probably and no. Depending on which source you look at, either 33% or 12% of those who got hitched in the last five years had their first meeting thanks to an online dating site or app. Another interesting point is that those who meet online tend to get married sooner than those who don’t.

Michael Rosenfeld, a researcher at Stanford University, announced to the Washington Post that this was probably due to the algorithms on dating sites that matched people better. Unfortunately, such sophisticated algorithms do not exist on Tinder.

Rosenfeld went on and stated that singles who wanted a relationship tended to use sites that allowed for a much longer, more in-depth profile. Another study announced that marriages which began on the Internet often had higher levels of satisfaction from both partners than those that didn’t. Again, this is probably due to the ability to sift through important criteria in order to find the perfect mate.


Source: Business Insider