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Date: 27. September 2016

Tinder Teams up with Spotify:
Singles Can now Use Music to Find Dates

Some singles are quite particular about music -for example, many would avoid fans of Taylor Swift. So if you are afraid of running into such a person on a dating site, fear not! Dating app Tinder has teamed up with music platform Spotify in order to help you make your dating profile more musical!

Singles on Tinder can now choose any song they wish from Spotify and turn it into their “anthem” – basically a personal theme song. Potential dates can then listen to the song on your profile, as well as view the top artists you listen to on Spotify (users can control what is shown, however). Overall, it aims to give others a bigger picture of the music you enjoy.

Tinder and Spotify: A Marriage in the Making

According Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad, the dating app had actually wanted this kind of feature since the beginning. Discussions and negotiations had already been going on for around two years. Rad stated that music is often a “big aspect” of how people meet due to socialising and listening to the music you like. It can also show others quite a lot about a person’s personality and interested.

Music on Tinder has Two Benefits

Rad went onto explain that the first benefit is that music can be used as a conversation starter. Tinder is brilliant when it comes to creating introductions, but getting a conversation going can be a little tricky. This is why integrations with apps like Spotify and Instagram occurred: singles had something to talk about with one another and help create messages that had a lot more substance than "Hi".

The second benefit can be a little more difficult to define: to see just how one’s music taste can define compatibility romantically. Sociological studies were cited by the Tinder CEO which said it made a difference, though it is not know how much of an impact it actually has. It is therefore a great idea to understand the role that musical compatibility actually has in romantic relationships and is something that will help Tinder in the long run.

Already a lot of singles stated that music affects the kind of people they date. Tinder is therefore going to gain a lot of data and be able to determine whether or not this is true.


Source: Business Insider