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Date: 10. October 2016

No More Bathroom Pics:
Dating App Bumble Bans Mirror Selfies

Online dating app Bumble has had enough of mirror selfies (just like everyone else) and has therefore attempted to make the experience less horrible. In this bid, they have made an effort to ban mirror selfies on the app’s profiles. Bumble, which is renowned for being "feminist" and empowering women in online dating, will prohibit everyone from posting such selfies.

Banning this type of selfie is not the only thing that Bumble plan on doing. Rather, it is part of a much bigger plan which aims to update the way that they generally moderate photos. There is also a list of other things that will be prohibited from photos including things like photos of people in underwear (bikinis and swimsuits included) as well as photographs that include just children without adults present.

Bumble: Bringing Real-Life Etiquette to Online Dating

"We’re over online spaces having different rules than other social spaces," the company announced in one of their blog posts. "The rules that apply in real life interactions will apply to Bumble." They went on further to ask singles to imagine Bumble as a “restaurant” where you could introduce yourself to other singles whom you find interesting. They asked people to think about how they would conduct themselves in such as a situation, as well as how they would dress, etc.

In the spirit of this, Bumble has outlined all of these rules in a handy set of guidelines. They also state that this ban is reflected in what their user base expects. Profiles that are frequently swiped left usually have things like mirror pics. As well as that, 86% of the dating profiles have mirror pics on them.