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Date: 02. November 2016

Date Miserable People:
Find Other Unhappy Singles

Misery certainly loves company and there is no doubt that some singles would love to have a partner in which to stew in it with. As a result, a new online dating site ought to be very successful due to the amount of people who absolutely seem to love complaining!

Launched in Phoenix, Arizona in October, the dating site is a product of founder Shaun Price. The main goal, according to him, was to ensure that he could help singles engage with one another but at the same time “keep it real” – therefore avoiding intimidation for everyone. DMP (Date Miserable People) works as a dating platform that lets people speak to one another honestly and openly regarding the reality of their daily lives, Price tells us. He announces that he has experienced a lot of various trial and tribulations when it came to online dating. As a result, he felt somewhat intimidated by the other people he came across simply because it seemed as though their lives were going far better.

Price says that he wanted users who had “not so perfect” lives to be comfortable and therefore honest with the various issues they were going through. All of this without having to feel inadequate. According to him, the majority of people you see online are “perfect” and everyone has a fantastic picture. In addition “everybody loves to travel, everybody loves to hang out with their friends” however that isn’t really them. Who these people are in their everyday lives is a very different thing.

The Unusual Name

Misery, Price says, is a subjective term and can mean a lot of different things to different people. Some members could be fifty and still living at home with their parents. Others could be trying to get over a friend or family member who passed away. Some even may not have anyone in their lives be they friends or family members.

Misery is, therefore, what you consider it. however gives singles the opportunity to share their experiences openly and honestly on a platform that, somehow, may bring about a bit of relief and joy.