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Date: 02. November 2016

A Dating Dictionary:
Welcome to Millennial Dating

Every generation invents its own words and terms for different things, and Millennials are no different. When it comes to modern dating, choosing the right words can actually be a lot more difficult than the relationship itself. Romance itself has never been easy to navigate… and now there is a new set of terms that we need to learn in order to help us!


The word "date" is difficult to define considering most singles are unsure of what to call a meet-up in the first place. It could just mean meeting someone for a cup of coffee, or a fancy dinner along with a trip to the theatre. It does appear that nowadays dates are a much more abstract concept. A lot of people tend to just talk about “getting lunch” or "going for coffee".


This is probably the most ambiguous of terms for millennials and dating. It could mean just “seeing” one another. Overall, it does mean that two people have regular contact with one another. This is usually the stage that occurs before things move onto what is known as "DTR".

DTR (Define The Relationship)

DTR is certainly one of the most important steps in any kind of romantic relationship. It will come about at some point while you are seeing a person on a regular basis. Eventually, one of the party will pose the question, “What are we exactly?”. The conversation that ensues is what is going to end up defining the relationship, or at least what it is at that point.

Mutually Exclusive

Mutually exclusive is where things start to get all the more serious and comes after the DTR phase. In this particular stage two people have made the agreement not to see one another. However, the relationship isn’t “official” or established properly. Of course, mutually exclusive can take on a broader meaning for those who have a polyamorous tendency.


Official is often the endgame for a lot of relationships and is usually where the couple will publicly acknowledge their relationship. There are often various signs such as posting about it on a social media platform (Facebook and Instagram tend to be the most common ones). In fact, there is even the term "Facebook official". This is, for many, the final stage that occurs in the question for a relationship.