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Date: 12. November 2016

Online Dating Tips for Over 50s
Stay safe and have fun!

Dating at any age isn’t easy, and the older people get the more they fear that they will be single. Have no fear, though: the are others in the same boat. It is all about your attitude and having the right pool of potential suitors. Take a look at these tips from Chuck Otto who has been there and done that!

Take Your Time and Write a Decent Online Dating Profile

A decent online dating profile is the key to finding singles who are the same calibre as yourself. It doesn’t matter what age you are, really. In this vein, don’t be vague: don’t say you “love sports” but rather specify the kind of sport you’re interested in (swimming, badminton, MMA, etc.). Talk about the last book you read, what sort of movies you enjoy (the more detail the better… though try not to make it too long!).

Those who aren’t sure of their writing skills can always get a friend or family member to help them. It’s not that difficult!

Your Dating Profile Pic: Worth a Thousand Words!

Your dating profile pic or photograph is going to be the first thing that other users will notice. There you have to make it good! Whether male or female, other singles are always going to be curious about what you look like. Also remember: Have a few pictures of yourself from different angles, doing different things. It helps you look like a well-rounded person.

If you are a gentleman, then it is best to keep your shirt on. Unless it’s a beach picture or something of that ilk. After all, few ladies like a show-off.

Ladies, the same can be said for you. The more skin you show, the sleazier the messages you get will be.

Always Think before Responding to a Message

Getting a message for the first time can be exciting, but before you respond make sure to take time and think about it. What exactly is it you’re looking for? Someone to do things with (go on trips, go to the movies), a friends-with-benefits situation or someone with whom you could possibly start a relationship? Before responding, make sure that your position is clear from the get-go. This will help you avoid any confusion and uncertainty in the future.

Be Careful

This should go without saying. Although online dating is quite safe and most singles you find are who they say they are (apart from a few embellishments here and there that everyone is guilty of), you still need to be on your guard. Scammers are still out there. Below is a quick list of red flags to look out for:

  • Someone messages you claiming instant feelings of love.
  • Claims to be an Australian citizen but is working abroad indefinitely.
  • Makes plans to meet, but can’t make it due to tragic events.
  • Asks for money for various reasons (emergencies, plane ticket to visit you, had a financial setback, etc.).

Always Be Honest!

One complaint a lot of singles (particularly women) have is that the people they meet up with told a few lies in their profile. So make sure not to post pictures that are waaay too old (10 years is a definite no!), don’t lie about having a strict workout regime and don’t lie about height or your cooking abilities. It will all eventually come out in the wash!