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Date: 23. November 2016

From Online Dating to Networking for Jobseekers
Dating app Launches BumbleBizz for Professional Networking

It will soon be possible to swipe your way to a new job with BumbleBizz, a professional networking app from dating platform Bumble. Now you can not only rely on apps to help figure out your love life, but your career can also be given a boost. This is all thanks to Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe.

During the summer, founder Whitney Wolfe said that her dating app would be broadening its horizons and entering the world of "professional social netowrking". The principle operates in a similar way to many online dating platforms. Professinals must create a profile with their career-related information. Through this, the app will find potential contacts. There is even a "swiping" system in place where professionals can be matched and communicate if both swipe right on one another. The service has proudly been named "BumbleBizz".

"The whole point of BumbleBizz is to change the way people network," said Ms. Wolfe.

Professional Networking is Lacking

Ms. Wolfe states that the entire landscape of professional social networking networking has far behind. This is in stark contrast to various other forms of social media, from meet up groups to online dating sites and platforms. With a will to change the way people network, Wolfe aims to provide a "resume-first" approach. This, she believes, will help people connect on a personal level and use the power of introductions to their advantage.

Opportunities for Women

Dating app Bumble has a rule that if a man and a woman are matched, only the woman is able to initiate the conversation. BumbleBizz has the same regulation in place. When male and female contacts are matched with one another, it is the woman who is given a day to send a message and start a conversation. According to Wolfe: "It's about letting the woman know that it's okay to be outspoken, it's okay to be confident."