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Date: 13. December 2016

Jump Aboard with an Airplane Dating App!
Flirt and Fly!

AirDates is a new ating app that has just hit the online dating world. It isn't very different from the likes of Tinder and other mobile dating apps. However, a distinctive feature is that it is focused on those looking for a mid-flight connection... or possibly those who want to find love before or after their trips.

A video interview was playeed on Mashable which featured CEO Michael Richard who stated that this specific app was not aimed at promoting the infamous "Mile High Club" which so many people might be familiar with. He emphasised that it was all about making "connections in the air".

As someone who was single and French and used to travel quite a lot, he stated that finding a good app to help him meet others was rather difficult. One of the biggest problems was that such apps didn't work while flying.

"It was a pity to lose so much time," he said.

As a result, AirDates was created to help singles who were travelling from one place to the other meet up and go on dates. Chatting can also take place while one is on the flight and then the two can meet up once the plane has landed.

"On a lot of dating apps, you swipe, you match, but you never really meet," he said.

At the moment the app only sits in beta, however it has been rather popular due to appearing at the Disrupt London conference earlier in the week. After you sign up, flight itineraries can be shared and you’re able to find other people who flying to the same places as you.

FireChat technology is used so that data doesn’t have to be used up, or so that they don’t have to worry about using the rather shaky in-flight Wi-Fi when chatting with one another. At the moment this London-based app can be found in iOS. Richard, however, announced that it will be made far more widely available in February.