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Date: 15. December 2016

EHarmony: Data from Users Reveals "Biggest Relationship Mistakes"
Data regarding user behaviour on matchmaking site eHarmony reveals interesting facts!

Data regarding user behaviour on matchmaking site eHarmony reveals interesting facts! EHarmony, a matchmaking (or “relationship”) site has released data garnered from users’ behaviour that reveals so-called “dating deal breakers” or “relationship mistakes”. Apparently being rude has taken the top ranking.

According to the data, 77% of men and 78% of women stated that being rude was enough to end a relationship. Coming in third place (61% of men and 62% of women) was lying – both sexes stated that they would not tolerate it. Which is fair enough. Interestingly, what also came in quite high, was “hanging out with an ex”. This even beat lying with 71% of men and 73% of women saying they would absolutely not tolerate it! Laziness, however, was very low and tolerated by most people. 18% of women said they wouldn’t stand for it, as did 17% of men.

While we weren’t surprised to see that rudeness was an important factor for both men and women, we were interested in the fact that it beat out lying and hanging out with an ex as a Dealbreaker!

-Jeannie Assimos, Editor in Chief of eHarmony


Assimos, eHarmony’s Editor in Chief, stated that they took data sets on an ongoing basis in order to understand just what drives relationships: both successful and unsuccessful. This, according to the Editor, is what can help to fine tune the service’s algorithms. Assimos went on to say, “We are the first and only online dating platform to use research-based factors that predict success in a relationship to match our users.” This also means that it is clearly key to the success of the matchmaking platform that they understand what makes a relationship actually work.

More Deal Breakers to Fear

The data also measured just how many of these factors (such as being in shape, being stingy with money, still living at home, smoking, drinking, lying, cursing etc.) had an impact on a relationship. Below are further findings:

  • Apparently men don’t like it when ladies curse… 77% of them claim it would be the end of the relationship. 1 out of 4 women would simply think of it as a turn off…
  • Being in shape: half of both genders said that it would be nice. The only must-haves were 21% of women and 29% of men.
  • Date a Cheapskate – Nearly half of the men say they are okay with dating a cheapskate but 3 out of 4 women say no way!

So there you have it… It may be time to take a closer look at your own habits before you decide to write that first message on your online dating profile!


Source: Business Wire