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Date: 19. December 2016

No More Questions: eHarmony's Questionnaire Not Mandatory
The matching questionnaire is now optional

Matchmaking site eHarmony has long been known for its Compatibility Matching System which matches singles by asking various questions in relationship to personality, relationships and more. While the test was mandatory for anyone who wanted to effectively use the site, it is now no longer obligatory.

The new CEO of eHarmony, Grant Langston, said that they wanted to give their site and product a fresh look. With a new perspective on the service they offer, Langston said that they wanted to help singles get together for reasons that actually matter. “Science tells us that our product works,” he went on, “and we don’t want to change that.” He also stated that the way in which the service was delivered was a “bit dusty”.

Compatibility Matching Test

The Compatibility Matching Test has been matching singles with one another since 2000. There hasn’t been any change to the way in which new users of the site were brought on. As it stood for a long time, anyone who signed up had to go through the questionnaire and answer 149 multiple-choice questions. You couldn’t see your matches otherwise.

Now, things have changed.

All you need to do is signed up to eHarmony and you’ll be able to see the people you’re “matched” with. This is naturally a big move for the matchmaking site, especially considering that they made a name for themselves due to this test.

Seeing the Benefit

The hope of eHarmony is that singles will actually see the benefit of going through a questionnaire in order to be matched via compatibility scores. After all, it is always good to see how much you have in common with someone. This does mean that casual daters may want to give it a try, and some people are worried that the quality will be lowered. Langston, however, says that there will still be the option for people to “opt-out” of being messaged by people who have not done the test.


Source: TechCrunch