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Date: 06. January 2017

Successful Matching on Tinder? Avoid Wearing Glasses!

When it comes to online dating (particularly on swipe apps such as Tinder), those who wear glasses probably won't have much luck. This is according to a study carried out by the app whcih found that if you have glasses in your profile picture, you're 12% less likely to getting swiped to the right. Dating expert dr Jessica Carbino, one of those who took part in the study, said that it was "crucial" for singles to see the eyes of a potential partner.

According to Carbino, being able to see a person's iris clearly will help to provide clues as to whether or not that particular person can be trusted. That's the whole idea of it, ayway. Tindre themselves did a study in the UK of what they considered to be "the most fancied people in the country". WHat was interesting was that these singles weren't necessarily the most attractive people ever - all the focus lay on presentation and showing off their assets in the right way.

The Authentic Self on Full View

Showcasing one's "most authentic self" was the main goal of many of the "most fancied" singles. Those who made an effort to smile in their pictures -especially smiles showing their teeth in a non-threatening manner- had a chance of 14% when it came to getting right-swiped. Colour was also a big factor when it came to the final crunc. Those who were a lot more liberal with their use of coloured clothing experienced far more luck in this field.

Simply Seeming Approachable

Dr Carbino trained as a sociologist at UCLA. From her experience, she announced that those smiled gave off the impression that they were "kind, warm and approachable". Which is understandable. It also helped to face the camera, upping the chance of getting a more positive reaction by a whopping 20%.

Just some of those who experienced more right-swipes than any others were Ryan (financial consultant, 27), Holly (model and film student, 21), Loui (entrepreneur, 26) and Cressida (fashion marketeer, 23).

According to Holly, who spoke to Cosmopolitan, it was her hair that was the most distinctive feature. She did go on to say that she took a lot of care with select her photos. Some of them were pictures of her on holiday and generally showing that she was a fun and exciting person to be around.

Loui believed that he was generally a very approachable individual. He also annoucned that he simply didn't pose in pictures... he preferred natural ones. Pictures that display people as a bit standoffish tend not to get many messages anyway, so it makes a lot of sense.