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Date: 13. January 2017

Professional Dating for Employed Singles Tinder-Like Dating App focuses Only on Singles with Jobs

People cover many things in their New Year's resolutions. Some would go as far as to put finding love on the list, but for a few singles that can mean someone with the same work ethic and drive as themselves. Now there is a new dating app which caters to this particular need - however it functions very much like LinkedIn.

Known as BeLinked, this social dating app has a vey professional edge to it and draws a lot from LinkedIn (however it is not affiliated with the site). When you sign up, you provide your LinkedIn profile and information is taken from there and showed to other singles. You can then view profiles and whether or not a match could be made. Of course, in order to use the service you have to have a job AND provide a professional CV.

Keep the Unemployed Out

Max Fischer (who founded BeLinked) states that he didn't want anyone who wasn't employed on the network. Therefore anyone who happens to be in between jobs or has been unemployed (for whatever length of time) is not permitted on the site. The main aim here to ensure that professional singles have a meeting point where they can get to know one another... and if there is chemistry, possibly start dating.

Like Tinder, there is a "swipe" feature that you can use (swiping either left or right depending on whether or not you like a particular profile).

Ultimately, the founders of the app want to ensure that a decent pool of dating material is available to single people. The more casual dating apps are for something else entirely. What they say about singles who are not employed is that, “if you are unemployed or ’between jobs’ you really shouldn’t be spending your time dating.”