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Date: 21. February 2017

Single again? Here's a few tips for you...
Some love advice from the Huffington Post!

Dating is certainly a numbers game or so they say. As such, making other singles aware that you're looking is a good idea if you want to get back into the dating game. Thanks to the Huffington post, we've taken a few tips to help you on that track and give you the guidance you need in order to find someone special!

Sign up to Dating Sites!

It could be an online dating site or one of the many apps out there, but this is definitely a first step! And don't forget about the choice, from matchmaking sites to online dating personals... Should you just be looking for a one night stand or something on the side then Australia also has plenty of adult dating platforms.

Remember: Online dating lacks the stigma it used to have a couple of years ago.

Go on a Few Dates with Different People

During the early stages of getting to know other singles and dating them, remember that we said this is a numbers game. Dating multiple people will give you some perspective and help you with any further, future decisions you have. However, we would also advise you not to overwhelm yourself in this sense! Don't go on ten dates a week if you can't fit them in!

Online Dating Profile Picture: It's Important!

Your online dating profile picture is an image that will present your first impression of yourself to other singles (this is very true of the more superficial dating apps like Tinder and Bumble). Group photos should also be avoided at all costs: people will think you're the ugliest/least attractive one. And as a bit of side advice... don't take a selfie while you're in the vicinity of a toilet!

These are just quick pieces of advice but they are honestly pretty vital… It is also a good idea not to get invested too quickly! It takes time to get to know a person. Dating is never a waste of time either, because you always learn something new about both yourself and people!

Source: The Huffington Post