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Date: 19. April 2017

The Ultimate Wingman
A Dating App for Wingmen Who Want to Help Their Friends

If you’ve been looking for a reason to meddle in the love life of your single friends, then the dating app Wingman will probably help you in this regard. Founder Tina Wilson discovered herself singles amongst attached friends who wanted to get her out there and dating. Thanks to this enthusiasm, she created the Wingman dating app.

And so it was born.

Newly launched in Australia, the app basically hands all of the decision-making of the dating process into the hands of a friend (or several). This can be seen as a relief by singles, or as a nightmare depending on perspective. However, you might be glad since you’ll probably end up hearing less of “you can do better” or “they’re not good enough”.

When you’ve signed someone up to the service, that person has to approve it before the dating profile goes live. AS a result it requires two people – the “wingman” who is helping and the individual who is looking for a date. Those who try to use the app alone will be instructed to let their friends help them. Should wingmen go solo on the service, then the person seeking a date is going to get a notification and see that someone’s been chosen for them.

Overall, most singles in Australia seem to see this app as a relief more than anything else. The task of finding love online can be challenging at times. And can take up a lot of time and energy – but now you can delegate tasks to your friends. Over the last few years there have been consistent trials but now it seems to be gaining ground.


Source: Huffington Post Australia