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Date: 24. April 2017

Dating Lies That Singles Tell

Lying isn’t unusual, whether you’re single and dating or in a committed relationship. People also tend to exaggerate, but according to research from there are 9 common areas where most singles will embellish on the truth. Why do they do this? Simply because they want their prospective partner to like them. However, according to’s Chief Scientific Advisor Dr Helen Fisher, it’s really rather pointless…

The answer to why singles lie to their dates is pretty straightforward: they want the other person to like them. Portraying yourself in a much more favourable light will, at least in the short term, score you brownie points. At least this is what most people think. But Dr Helen Fisher says:

Those who tell white lies are no more likely to get a second date; no more likely to have gone on a date in the last year; and no more likely to have had sex. carried out a survey however and discovered that 57% of daters don’t bother with lies. Yet there is still 43% who believe that it is perfectly acceptable to pull the wool over the eyes of a stranger in order to get further with them. As many can see, this is something that’ll just end up being quite damaging in the long run.

Lies, It’s All Lies!

When it comes to women, 24% will have told lies regarding the number of sexual partners they’ve previously entertained. What’s also interesting is that many women will decrease this number. On the other and, men will of course try and exaggerate their numbers.

  1. Sexual history (19.2 percent)
  2. Dating history (17.6 percent)
  3. Finances (11.8 percent)
  4. Where you live (9.9 percent)
  5. Age (8.3 percent)
  6. Interests/hobbies (8.1 percent)
  7. Job (6.2 percent)
  8. Having kids (2.6 percent)
  9. Being divorced (2.1 percent)

It’s easy to lie online. And many people can understand why users will do this. Lying in the real world can be done but is a bit trickier… However there are some things, such as lying about children, that are going to be found out very quickly!

 Source: EliteDaily