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Date: 24. May 2017

Sugar Daddy Dating App: Date for Money
Swipe right for cash

Sugar daddy dating is becoming popular all across the world. “Sugar babies”, young women who date older, successful men (or “sugar daddies”) use this money for a range of different things: travel, study and more. This is also aided by SeekingArrangement, a dating app that caters to this market.

Rebecca is a New Yorker in her 20s. After watching a documentary about the sugar daddy lifestyle, Rebecca broke up with her boyfriend. This is when she decided to give this lifestyle a try and see what it could bring her. She stated that one of the participants in the documentary was the same age as her and seeing a much older man – in what they called an “arrangement”.

The dating app Seeking Arrangement (founded by Brandon Wade) announces on its homepage that you can have “Relationships on Your Terms”. It admonishes that beautiful, successful people can have “mutually beneficial relationships” with one another. So, this goes beyond the idea of just a younger woman and an older man: it also applies to partners of the same sex.

Older Men Benefitting from Youthful Energy

Rebecca says: “Most assume these arrangements must include exchanging sexual favors, which is illegal, and the Seeking Arrangement website talks a lot about this.” In the documentary, according to her, the two truly had what she called a “special friendship”. Sexual favours were not exchanged: instead, it was about enjoying the company of one another having quality time.

When watching the show, Rebecca thought that this could be helpful as a form of therapy for certain people. Lonely men who were aging but had wealth would definitely enjoy treating and pampering beautiful women. They would also, in her eyes, benefit from the youthful energy provided.

At the same time, Rebecca knew that there were younger women who needed assistance when it came to money. Many are quite willing to be paid for the time that they spend. In Rebecca’s eyes this is a win-win situation. And what was when she decided to sign up to SeekingArrangement. Sugar daddies and babies create profiles and state how much money they’re looking to spend/receive and what kind of relationship or arrangement they want to have. Photos are also necessary.

Messages can be sent and profiles can be “liked”, so in most ways it is very similar to a lot of other dating sites. For Rebecca, it seems, this is the perfect option.