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Date: 07. May 2017

Ladies and Online Dating: What men wish you knew

A common question that is asked by ladies in online dating is why men swipe right (hit the “like” button) and then simply don’t follow up on a match. They also want to know what makes guys swipe right in the first place and of course, the biggest question: is there something wrong with the profile? Iona Yeung of Huffington Post went on the search for answered and interviewed 100+ men.

Avoid Filters in Online Dating Photos

Filters are seen as a menace by many men, according to the survey. Since this is the first impression anyone makes online, filters like dog ears or adding halos can of course be fun but it can be annoying as it tends to filter out what a person actually looks like. In other words, having these filters will make it seem as though you’ve got something you want to hide.

Duck Faces!

In many of the interviews that Yeung conducted, there were plenty of guys who did not like the “duck face” that many women seem to pull in their photos. In fact, the aversion seemed to be massive. Few provided a good explanation, except that it seemed as though the duck face pictures had been staged.

Don’t Have All your Girlfriends in the Picture!

This is quite common and naturally not only a thing that women do. However, many female singles tend to create pictures which include a whole mass of their female friends. Many seem to think it would be rude to crop them out. The guy in question, however, has to make an effort to determine who the actual user is in the picture. Most people these days don’t have a long enough attention span for this.

Profile Photos Are the First Thing Guys Look at

It’s important to remember that a lot of men tend to be very visual. As a result, photos are going to be first thing they take a look at. This means that it’s a good idea to put as much effort as possible into the pictures… however, don’t forget to write an engaging profile text as well. Guys aren’t as shallow as a lot of people seemed to think!

After matching, who should do the texting?

Most women want to know this: why does a guy express any kind of interest but then never send a message? This particular question did cause a bit of stir among the interviewees. Some of the guys said that they were much more inclined to make the first move: however, many more said that women taking the initiative would be a great change. And of course, your message should be personalised: “Hey” is not a great conversation starter. Even with a fantastic photo and a good personality, “hey” can fall pretty flat.

Source: Huffington Post