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Date: 30. June 2017

The Cost of Finding Love in Australia
How Much Single Pay for Dates

It appears that singles in Australia are paying top dollar to go out on dates and impress potential partners… However, this isn’t stopping people from splashing out and putting their best foot forward.

An ING Direct Cost of Dating report was revealed stated that single people often spend around $79.00 on a date, on average. Around a third of people who are on their own will have a first date with a new person at the very least once a month.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Interestingly, it did show that chivalry still seems to be alive and well in this day and age. Around half of guys (56%, to be exact) are keeping in line with ancient tradition and are paying for the lady on the first date. In addition, around 26% of women expect that the man is going to pay for the date – at least on the first go.

According to online dating site RSVP’s CEO, Dave Heysen, the amount that a person pays on a date isn’t what’s important here. It’s, in his words, “the thought that counts”. Although, no matter how cheap you want to go, he went on, Groupon and McDonald’s are still out.

Guys should also avoid taking girls to football games… Unless that happens to be what the girl is into – especially if she says that she likes a particular team, for example.

Going to Dutch is Fine Too

There’s also nothing wrong with going Dutch, Heysen went on, although in this case it may be a good idea to avoid things like lavish restaurants. Peter Charleston, a relationship psychologist, stated that the right location is one of the keys. It’s good to choose somewhere without a lot of distractions, he announced. You do need to get to know each other, after all.