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Date: 17. June 2017

Ex-Girlfiend Uses Dating Sites to Get Revenge

An unfortunate man had revenge exacted upon him by his ex-girlfriend after she signed him up to a variety sex dating sites. His work email was flooded with over 3000 porn messages, one connecting him to a site for people with sexually transmitted diseases and a list of gay dating sites upon which is work and personal details were revealed.

A woman who was dumped by her boyfriend ended up exacting her revenge by signing him up to various gay and sex dating websites after their 6 month relationship ended. Tim, who is from New South Wales, received over 3000 emails after his girlfriend email made fake profiles with his name.

“Positive Guy Looking for Love”

One of the accounts that was set up stated that Tim had been infected with various STDs, including HIV. One of the fake advertisements read that he was “Just a positive guy looking for love” and another which read, “Looking for other guys that have the same infection, to do naughty stuff with.” It wasn’t long before he received a string of messages which endorsed various things such as gay dating sites and penis enlargement.

Potentially Fired

The details of the person who created the account was sent to him by the online dating site Russian Brides. It was revealed to be his ex-girlfriend Emma. In the fear that he might lose his job, Tim told his boss about the situation and received sympathy. “The list of sites sending me mail was incredibly long,” Tim announced. He stated that he could have been fired due to email policies.

Tim went to the police who weren’t sure about what laws could have possibly been broken in a situation like this. The 41-year-old, however, is aiming to warn others so that they can think about the choices they make in relationships with others.

'I'm a big guy and I don't cry easy. But I've been in tears… over this three or four times... I just want people to know what can happen and to be very careful about who you let into your life,' he said.