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Date: 23. July 2017

Money and Dating
There Seems to be a Link

The online dating industry is, at least these days, rather segmented and divided. There are dating sites as well as apps for all demographics: Aboriginals, black people, singles with a little extra weight and more. Apps like The League and Luxy also match people based on money, and sites like SeekingArrangement allow women to charge men for dates. While this may seem like a cynical way to approach dating, it also appears to be a valid way of finding a relationship.

Buying Happiness: It’s Correlation with Marriage

A common phrase is that money can’t buy happiness. It appears, however, that this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Money on its own doesn’t make most people happy – but it does have the astounding ability to buy the things that could boost your mood considerably. Dating sites have caught on and apps like Luxy help with matching millionaires. SeekingArrangement, on the other hand, lets woman charge men for a date.

You can see the correlation between successful marriage and money in numerous surveys. The American Institute of CPAs, for example, brought out a study that showed married couples tend to argue and fight over money the most. 75% of women, according to ForbesWoman in a survey they carried out, stated that they would refuse a proposal of marriage from an unmarried man.

Money Makes You Who You Are

Your socio-economic status is definitely one thing that shapes who you are, whether you like it or not. And this is fuelled and influenced by money. This makes it very easy to see just how two people can get on, and what could go wrong if they come from very different classes. So for anyone who is planning on proposing, it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on your bank account!