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Date: 17. October 2017

Awake Dating: Conspiracy Theorists looking for love

There is a certain risk when meeting someone online: people might not look like the pictures of themselves they put online, they could have bad breath, or they could start talking about wild theories about Malcom Turnbull being an alien controlled lizard person.

A Dating Site is looking to help conspiracy theorists to find true love. Sounds funny – might in fact be dangerous.

Conspiracy Theorists Have a Hard Time Finding a Partner

For Conspiracy Theorists to be able to remain amongst themselves and be able to dispute their theories without risking their date to quickly leave the restaurant, Awake Dating was created: a dating site that is for everyone who believe the moon landing was created in a film studio, the 9/11 Terror acts were planned by the US government and Barack Obama was in reality born in Kenya.

“the idea isn’t new: more and more dating sites are looking to appeal to smaller and more distinct types of people with different desires.”

Meanwhile there is a dating app for Muslims, on another site you can find a partner that hates exactly the same things as you do. Since common interests usually lead to a solid relationship. With conspiracy theorists there are dangers by separating themselves from others, since they tend to neglect society either way and ignore rational arguments.

Elijen and Danaja, a Croatian couple who met via Awake Dating told “Vice” in an interview about how they went to an alternative practitioner on their first date to connect their energies to mother earth. Now they are thinking about having kids – which they don’t want to vaccinate.

Founded by Irish Conspiracy Theorist

The international platform was founded by Jarrod and Aine Fidden, a couple from Ireland. According to their claims they both “woke up” while researching conspiracies on the internet for hours.

Like Fidden stated in an interview with Vice, both had noticed that their beliefs in all of these conspiracies had driven and isolated them from their friends. So, they decided to help singles who’s views made it difficult to find and meet a potential partner.

Conspiracy theories seem to be getting more prominent across the globe. Especially in the United States of America there are many “truthers”, that think they know more than the rest of the population.

The Prettiest Foil Hat Wins

To meet people, members of “Awake Dating” state their interests: Popular topics are found on YouTube for example, “the illuminati” or “the illusion of money” a theory according to which banks can produce money at will, that has no value. In a 3D animated environment “Awake City”, members can meet up and chat.
“Awake Dating” seems to be its own best satire: In a commercial that Jarrod and Aine Fidden published on YouTube there are two people holding hands, with nicely folded aluminum hats on their heads. Conspiracy theorists try to block attempts to enter their brains by telepathy in doing so. Even on their Facebook page they held a contest in which the selfie with the prettiest Aluminum hat won.

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