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Date: 23. October 2017

Best Workout:
Sexercise will make you slim

The leading Casual Dating Site C-Date recently found a way for you to save real money at the gym: Simply cancel your membership and burn those calories having sex!

With the revelation “Who needs a gym membership, if you can have your workout in the bedroom?” C-Date manages to kill two birds with one stone.

On the one hand you may save a lot of money by not paying for a gym membership that you weren’t really using as much anyways.

On the other hand, you may burn a whole bunch of Calories enjoying the most fun thing this life has to offer – besides riding a jet ski.

What “Sexercise” Does For You

Just like regular sports, the longer and the more intense the Sexercise, the more your muscles move and the more calories you burn. In short: The more furious the sex, the more weight you lose.

Vanessa del Rae, a successful Sex-Trainer said:
“The human body releases different hormones during sex, some strengthen their immune system, or result in a better blood circulation and skin, others result in improved sleep.”

The Foreplay as Warmup

What does any athlete do before he starts his training? Correct – warm up. The same goes for sexercise: you can burn calories with the foreplay.

Hence you would burn 8 calories while undressing each other. Men may earn a head start of 18 calories if they open the bra with only one hand. Kissing eliminates 13 calories each 10 minutes.

Which Position Burns How Much?

Being on top, the woman can burn 35 calories by being active for 10 minutes. The man lying down will only burn 15 calories. Missionary will burn 43 calories for the man and 13 for the women, again 10 minutes of exercise. Is the Kitchen table used as a gym tool men will burn 45 and women 28 calories.