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Date: 17. November 2017

The Sexiest Online Daters: Vegans

Vegans seem to be the the sexiest online daters by far, they receive a whopping 62% more messages, a study by Zoosk reveals.

Over four million dating profiles were involved, and 350 million first messages when it came to evaluate whether food plays a role in attraction. #1 dating app Zoosk’s study shows: If you are looking for love, being vegan may get you more interest.

Times certainly are changing in the online dating world! Mentioning in your profile that you are a vegetarian or a vegan in your online dating profile used to decrease the responses and first messages you would receive by 100%. Nowadays mentioning being a vegetarian will increase the amount of traffic in your inbox by 52% and claiming to be a vegan will result in a whopping 62% more messages, hence, vegans are perceived to be more attractive.

Another interesting apect covered by the study were types of food mentioned in profiles, and the resulting traffic in inboxes. The mentioning of Guacamole came in first with a massive 144% increase of inbound messages. Potatoes came in at second playce with a 101% increase. Foods such as chocolate, salad, sushi and avocado increased messages by over 90%, so if you are looking to improve your profile to be more attractive .

There were foods that decreased the amount of received messages though, mentioning fried chicken for example resulted in a 15% decrease in received messages. As for foods voted to eat on dates, buffalo wings were voted the worst and unsurprisingly, chocolate covered strawberries were voted the best.