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Date: 01. August 2011

A Threat to Online Dating Sites?

Everyone knows Google. Google is everywhere. It’s not just a plain web browser anymore but rather provides more and more internet services and tools trying to facilitate cyber life in whatever way possible.

So the development of the Google’s own social network tool, known as Google+, was just a matter of time. The question is whether Google+ will only challenge Facebook or also some of the biggest dating sites to a duel.

Google+ promises to “make sharing online more like sharing in real life”. It is basically based on something called “circles” which allows you to “put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself”. It’s possible that Google will even come up with its own dating tool allowing you to use your Google+ profile as a basis to flirt and look for dates. We don’t know if Google will charge for this service or not. But if Google+ succeeds (and Google usually does succeed!), it’ll probably be quite a challenge to some of the biggest dating sites one way or the other. The good thing about this is that challenge usually triggers improvement which, in turn, will be beneficial for our dating site users. :)

So far Google+ is still in its field trial period, an invitation-only approach. And so far over 70% (link: of its users are men. However, if Google+ should really gain prominence in the field of social networking, we’re sure there’ll be plenty of women joining. It’s a matter of fact that women are the driving force to social networking... whether online or offline.

So, we’ll see how Google+ develops and keep you updated!