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Date: 26. October 2011

Growing Number of ‘Silver Surfers’ on Online Dating Sites

A few years ago, telling their story of how they got to know each other was still a rather embarrassing issue for couples that had met online. Nowadays, it’s been widely accepted as a further and often effective possibility of finding your match - at least for young people.

But what about elder singles? Is online dating even an option for them? According to the Daily Mail there is a growing number of ‘silver surfers’ - people over 55 using the internet - embracing online dating. Experian Hitwise records an increase of 39% in the last three years. Others, such as Spark Networks, even report increases as high as 93% within eight months.

Industry experts believe that the number of online daters over-55 is growing so much because they are more relaxed than their younger counterparts; e.g. they don’t need to worry about whether the other might make a good parent or not and can rather concetrate on similar interests and likings. eHarmony's Gian Gonzaga, also thinks that elder people are more experienced and know what’s important in a relationship and what to look for.

Another simple reason for the soaring number of ‘silver daters’ is the growing number of over-55s. According to Caitlin Moldvay, an analyst for IBISWorld, they 'have been one of the fastest-growing demographics for a lot of online dating companies.'

The market is quickly responding to this development with a growing number of dating sites dedicated to the older generation, such as SilverSingles, Our Times and GoldenMatchDating.

SilverSingles even offers a special customer support to those who have never used such service before. They help interested people set up their profile and educate on safe online dating.