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Date: 30. October 2011

Capples -
Apps for couples

“Just Us” is the first relationship status app for iPhone created by the Capples Factory and is directed to couples that are “not just dating anymore”.

When you feel that you’d like to tell your special someone how you feel but don’t want to sound overzealous, this new capple might be just right for you. It allows you to stay in touch by sharing photos or by simply telling the other that you’re thinking about him/her.

It’s easy: Just install the app on your iPhone, bump your iPhone against one another and from then on it’s “Just Us”: You only need to open the application to see pictures and let your special someone know you care...

The Capples Factory was founded by the two Isrealis Ofir Beigel and Karin Levi. As they are saying themselves “Just Us is the first of many Capples that are coming your way through Capple Factory.” And Capples, in general, “are meant to bring couples closer together in an easy to use and fun way.”

This app is certainly fun! Let’s see what else they are coming up with...