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Date: 24. January 2013

Random Matchmaking Trends in Online Dating

Online dating was thought to make things easier. Matchmaking trends prove this to be otherwise. People scan through dozens, if not hundreds, of profiles every day and are yet no closer to finding their dream partner. This is why the popular dating site OkCupid has release the Crazy Blind Date app. This app pairs people up with a random partner, with only the bare minimum of traits and characteristics taken into consideration such as gender, age and sexual orientation.

The Crazy Blind Date app may seem like an unpopular choice. Indeed, it is reminiscent of traditional blind dates that people used to go on in the past. You are paired up with someone almost completely random. The photograph is also pixelated, so apart from the general outline and maybe an ear or an eyebrow, you really don’t have much of an idea of what they look like.

The Evidence Backs it Up

Choosing someone at random may seem counterproductive. Indeed, in all other avenues of life very little is chosen at random. People who are targeted for promotion in a company will often be those who have made the best use of their skills. They will be able to show what they have achieved and therefore provide the company with an idea of what their abilities are. Yet a study from Italy shows that companies may improve their chances at succeeding if they decide to promote employees at random. This was of course only one study, but it made an interesting point. Choosing your dates at random could produce some very interesting results.

The Crazy Date app could prove to be a success story in the coming months. There is no doubt that a bit of excitement will get at least some people.

Click here to check out Crazy Date for yourself.