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Date: 04. February 2013

Grindr and LGBT Politics

LGBT issues have been a hot topic in recent decades. With the rise of Internet dating, LGBT activists are using these new resources to their fullest potential. One of the best examples of this is Grindr, a popular dating website for gay men. Whether concerns about sexual health or issues facing LGBT rights, Grindr has tried to put itself to the fore.

HIV and Its Misconceptions

HIV has long been a concern for many, particularly the gay community. This is not just due to sexual health either, but also the misconceptions that it is a ‘gay disease’. As well as trying to dispel the myths surrounding it, Grindr is attempting to educate its members. Founder and CEO of Grindr, Joel Simkhai, believes that the site has a responsibility to its members. He believes that education and constant information are the best ways to keep people aware and, more importantly, to protect themselves.

Health Resources

Grindr offers various facilities to its members. These include information on the nearest confidential testing and sexual health clinics, as well as links to various types of online information. Safe sex promotion is also dealt with on the website. Grindr forbids its members from posting explicit messages that promote unsafe sex. Members are encouraged to have a look through this information to ensure a safe and fun encounter, whether for a relationship or a one-night stand.

The Wider Political Arena

Politics has always played an important role in the LGBT community. Nowadays, LGBT rights a large concern in a number of different countries. Grindr for Equality was set up to ensure that gay rights are protected all over the world. The site also helps to involve its members in such issues. Members of the site are given updates with regards to current concerns. One example is a case that happened in Ukraine in 2012. The new Law 8711 was proposed which forbade the ‘spreading of homosexuality’. Grindr collected over 120, 000 signatures in a petition and sent a broadcast to the President of Ukraine asking to condemn the law.

Joel Simkhai believes that Grindr’s members appreciate the efforts that the site is making to involve itself in LGBT political concerns. It also appears that online dating can do more than just bring two people together: it can bring entire communities together, too, and help them fight for a greater cause.

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