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Date: 11. July 2014

There’s Nothing Like Dating in Uniform

Uniformed professionals need love too, according to The website has been active in the United Kingdom for the past eight years, now it is set to take the Australian market. Whether you are a firefighter, a nurse, police professional or an emergency service worker, this is the site for you.

 Uniformed Professionals Finding One Another

Working in a large varied of ‘uniformed’ professions can be stressful, dangerous and unpredictable. Emergency service workers risk their lives with every shift they do, as do the police and firefighters. Shifts like these tend not to leave a lot of time for dating, especially with those who work more nine-to-five jobs. This doesn’t mean that uniformed workers and ordinary citizens can’t date, though it is quite common for people who work similar times to date one another. An intrinsic understanding of one another’s work lives, and the ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance, is definitely a big part of the relationship.

No Limits to Dating in Uniform

The website’s brand manager, Amy Cole, states that the website is not just for those in uniform. Those who are interested in dating such professionals are also free to create an account and browse through the available profiles. Using this type of dating site will of course require one to accept the hectic and crazy schedules these professionals have, but it can turn out for the best. Indeed, the UK version of the site has already seen countless happy marriages created thanks to its matchmaking abilities. Ms. Cole believes that the same will also be said for the Australian version.

Relationships involve things like understanding and trust, as well as an interest in one another’s lives. Uniformed professionals often need a partner on whom they can rely, especially considering the stress and rigors of the job that they do.

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