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Date: 06. January 2015

Online Dating Scam Claims Another Victim

Online dating scam is thankfully not a common occurrence, but it still happens. The victims of such scams are often quiet about their experiences, usually suffering in silence. Melbourne woman Jan Marshall experimented with online dating in 2010, only to be taken for a ride with a stranger she met. Since then, Marshall has found it difficult to find a man that she can trust. As of January 2015, Marshall has set up a group on for others to come together and talk about their experiences.

From Mysterious Stranger to Online Dating Scam

Jan Marshall began her journey into the world of online dating by signing up with Plenty of Fish. After meeting ‘Eamon’, supposedly a civil engineer from England living in the United States, she began to speak with him regularly. She often spent long nights talking with Eamon, though when they tried to use video chat his webcam wouldn’t work. Eventually ‘Eamon’ started asking for money which led to Ms. Marshall handing over $250, 000 over time. After that, her online beau cut off all contact and was never heard from again.

Support Group for Dating Scam Victims

Ms. Marshall knows that she is not the only person to suffer from such dating fraudsters, however few speak about it. That is why she has set up a special group for victims to get together and talk about their experiences. Marshall believes that doing so will allow others to see things from a different perspective, as well as heal. By having a safe group to go to and share their experiences, other victims of such dating scams can speak with one another without fear of being judged.

Snowballing into Fraud

Ms. Marshall’s relationship with ‘Eamon’ started out innocently enough. They met online and chatted for a while. It wasn’t long before Eamon started confessing his love for her and that was when Jan Marshall was really taken in. They even spoke on the phone together. Their talks would often go on well into the small hours of the morning, leaving Marshall exhausted. Money troubles hit when Eamon went to Dubai supposedly for a short-term contract. He claimed that he would come to Australia to be with her, but he needed financial support first. It eventually spiraled into him scamming her out of a quarter of a million.

The most gut-wrenching part of this seems to be the fact that Ms. Marshall was played not only financially, but emotionally as well. It is clear that Ms. Marshall has been strong enough to continue and even reach out to try and help others. Her story should also stand as a warning to others. While online dating can be fun, there are some unscrupulous scammers out there.

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