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Date: 06. January 2015

The Best Time of Year for Online Dating

January is seen as the best time of year for online dating. The reason? People are making their New Year’s resolutions. Getting fit, eating right, learning a new language and giving up an unhealthy habit are all common things that people try when they enter the New Year. However, there are many other resolutions that people are interested in and that includes finding a partner. As a result, January may turn out to be the best time of year for those who are interested in looking for that special someone. With so many singles online to choose from, you are bound to least get a few dates.

With Online Dating, Timing is Everything

If you plan on brushing up your dating profile then there is no better time to do it than now. With the New Year already upon us, you finally have an excuse to take some new photographs, rework you biography and perhaps even change some of your preferences. The sooner you rework your online dating profile, the better. Anyone who is interested in ‘putting themselves out there’ is going to sign up around January so you will definitely want to dress to impress, so to speak. With plenty of newcomers to the online dating scene, users will end up having a lot to choose from.

The month or time of year is not the only thing that you should keep an eye on. Plenty of people are busy during the week, however Sundays often tend to be the best time for people to whittle away an hour or two on the Internet. Chatting with someone live can be fun and productive, but even sending out a few messages can also be helpful. Some of the best conversations have involved the exchange of messages over a period of several days. Sundays are often seen as a day to relax and therefore focus upon oneself.

Getting More Specific with Online Dating

There is of course no reason to restrict yourself to certain times. Even just logging into your profile can help to boost your activity log, just to show that you are regularly active on the site. Online dating does not always have to involve instantaneous exchanges. If this is what you are looking for, however, then you can be more specific. Sunday evenings in January will probably be the best time, according to data gathered and analysed by