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Date: 15. January 2015

Online Dating Trends in the New Year 2015

Online dating trends in 2015 are set to change according to predictions from Internet dating giant Zoosk. If you are planning on setting up a profile in order to look for that special someone, find a quick hookup or are just interested in getting to know someone new, it is time to take a look at the information presented here. New Year dating trends will differ from the old ones, naturally, but how big a difference they will have can depend entirely on a variety of factors. By taking a look at the information presented in the infographic provided you can also help to make a more accurate prediction.

The Old Year and Dating Trends in Words

2014 was full of buzzwords and 2015 will be no different. The words, however, will have changed. Whereas a common trend for people to follow last year was to describe themselves as ‘laid back’, this year is when people will start to describe themselves more as ‘genuine’ or ‘real’. Expect to see a lot of that, according to Zoosk. The difference between ‘love’ and ‘like’ is also highlighted. 2014 saw a lot of people describing how they ‘loved’ certain things, like cooking, hiking, socks. ‘Liking’ things is going to be a lot more common.

The Dos and Don’ts of 2015

Along with in-words, there are also certain practices you should try to stay away from. A number of 2014 online dating trends are suddenly out the window. These include taking mirror selfies (did we ever really like them in the first place?) and replacing them with full-body shots. The ‘everyday look’ is also going to be a popular practice. This will help to give your pictures a greater air of honesty. There are also dos and don’ts which are specific to men and women. Men are advised to smile a lot more and women are advised to showcase a more active lifestyle whether it’s doing yoga, hiking or cleaning carrots. Men are advised against bathroom selfies and for women the duckface has well and truly had its day.

What You Can Expect From Websites

Websites will also be making a few changes to match online dating trends in 2015. Sites such as OkCupid often involved trawling through long surveys in order to better ‘match’ you with other users. This is certainly not the case in the New Year. This year, instead, intuitive technology will try to figure out whom you are suited to by examining your actions.

Online dating in the New Year is bound to be fun and exciting. With new trends on the rise and more intricate developments in website applications, you will come ever closer to finding that perfect match. Make sure to keep up with it, however, to ensure your New Year is a happy and date-filled one!


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