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Date: 02. March 2015

A Dating Guide for Aussies:
The Best Time to Date

Finding love can happen at any time, but there are certainly periods where it is more likely. For those looking for the perfect dating guide, it might be a good idea to check out the current findings from dating giant eHarmony. The study compares a number of factors including popular national events such as sporting occasions, key political moments and aspects of pop culture phenomena to use as a guide to dating. All of these combine to reveal the dating culture of modern Australia.

Dating Guide for Australia: Where Does the Interest Lie?

Australian interest in dating has been examined by the eHarmony Dating Index, which looked at Google search engine data for various terms linked with online dating. Interest was measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with the average score in Australia being marked up to 41. Naturally, interest was shown to increase and decrease depending on the time of year.

The Best Seasons: A Dating Guide for the Clueless

Projections based on the eHarmony Dating Index show that yearly interest in dating tends to heighten as September draws to a close. The period surrounding the AFL and NRL finals also shows a high level of interest in the field of dating. Christmas and New Year were also times when people began the search for love. From this data, taken over a period of three years, it is easy to see that both national sporting excitement and time off work is what causes people to start searching.

The Right Frame of Mind

When it comes to looking for love, the right frame of mind is definitely important. This is something most dating guides will tell you. As a result, it is important to be open. The right attitude will cause you to present the best version of yourself there is, as any dating guide will emphasize. There are outside factors to consider, but there are also internal ones. Collect a few phone numbers, go out to a few events. It will heighten your chances of scoring considerably.

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