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Date: 29. August 2015

Feminist Tinder and Everyday Sexism

Respect, equality and honesty: these are the three things that make the online dating experience at the more fun and give the best result. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case especially when it comes to the likes of Tinder. While we have made great strides in the area of gender equality, some dating sites and apps just haven’t caught up yet and women still experience harassment and objectification.

It is not secret that Tinder and similar apps are influential when it comes to modern matchmaking. However, archaic attitudes can also be found here. Tinder is currently being showcased on an Instagram account, which is recording the attitudes of users with regards to feminism. They don’t appear to be coming across very well at all!

Feminist Tinder

The Instagram account is known as Feminist Tinder and has already has a sizable collection of around 420 posts from male users. As you can probably guess, these posts are rather unenlightened reactions to women on the app. These lapses in feminism are already being viewed by 25,000 people and that number is continually growing at the moment.

The creator, Laura Nowak, has already experienced a lot of bile since writing ‘feminist’ on her profile. Some examples include a male user who started with, "Female? U [sic] mean w****". His received Nowak’s reply, "Whoops you spelled ‘self assured woman who respects herself and passionately advocates for the empowerment of women without being disheartened by the opinions of ignorant and misogynistic men that she meets online’ wrong".

Shocked by the Response

Nowak states that she never intended for it to be a project. Indeed, “I had been a casual user of Tinder for several months before putting 'feminist' in my bio.” Of course, things started to escalate from there in a way most people couldn’t imagine, “I was really shocked at how many aggressive reactions I received and realised that this was definitely something I had to share, to highlight our culture's misunderstanding of feminism as well as how rampant and active sexist double standards are in the dating world.”

If this seems to be a regular experience for Tinder users, then there is no doubt some people may need an attitude change. Indeed, Feminist Tinder has certainly exposed a darker side of certain dating apps.