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Date: 29. July 2015

Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Your Online Dating Profile

According to the Huffington post, people are making mistakes on their dating profiles. How do such mistakes affect you? It can be quite easy to see, especially if you think of those who are looking at your profile. Writing any kind of dating profile is a lot like a small ad in the paper. As a result, it is important to paint the best picture of yourself. You really want to make yourself shine and avoid these mistakes.

The Profile Picture

Nowadays, most people will have some kind of decent camera. This means that there is no excuse when it comes to taking a bad picture. Anything dark or grainy is also likely to scare off potential interests. Dating expert Jeffrey Platts advises that one of the best ways to get a decent picture is to avoid the selfie and have a friend take it.

Your Profile is Boring

People are drawn in by pictures, but it is also important to keep their attention. Very long profile texts are not going to go down well. There are many people who describe themselves as "laid back" or "down to earth", repeating the same old adages. This can get tiresome after a while. "That pretty much describes 99 percent of singles," said Platts. Therefore try to be a little different, or even try and get a friend to help you out.

A Forgettable Username

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, apparently. Names like ‘HotGuy123’ and ‘CoolChick32’ are not going to stay in someone’s head long. "Look, I know that as more and more people sign up for online dating sites, the good usernames get swapped up but there's still room for creativity and personality," say Platts.

So, if you want to avoid scaring, boring or making people forget you, it’s a good idea to literally ‘spice up’ your dating profile. Creativity is the key here. We don't want to sound soulless, but it is important to remember that you are certainly advertising yourself!