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Date: 30. November 2015

Highs and Lows:
Dating in Mid Life

Singles are blessed with more than just Tinder: there is a plethora of apps and dating sites to satisfy any craving. But it may seem like online dating is a young person’s game: indeed, many people do seem to be paired up once they hit a certain age. But this doesn’t necessarily mean happy ever after: death, divorce or a conflict of interest can cause people to go their separate ways. What do you do when you’re middle-aged, single and looking for a partner? Well, dating is not just a young person’s game anymore.


The last ten years has seen a significant drop in the number of singles between the ages of 25 and 45. This drop amounts to around 18%. On the other hand, the number of single people between the ages of 45 and 65 has gone up a surprising 23%. It appears that there is a significant number of people who never found “the one”.

Mid Life vs. Senior Dating: Not the Same Thing

While there is a significant number of senior dating sites out there on the market already, these don’t necessarily cover the entire demographic. The whole “dating for old people” idea is obviously going to put someone off, especially if they are only in their forties or fifties. While there are other contenders out there as well, the number of significantly younger users could end up putting a lot of people off.

The Stitch App: Another Way to Connect

Dating apps like Stitch have therefore paved the way for middle aged people to connect with one another. Whether a man or a woman, dating in your forties and beyond can end up being somewhat difficult. Sometimes known as “Tinder for 50 and Overs”, Stitch works pretty much like any other dating app but with a specific audience in mind.,

Getting out there and putting yourself into the dating pool once more doesn’t have to be difficult. As online dating continues to grow and develop, new methods and means of meeting different and exciting people are going to show up. You won’t find “the one” immediately (unless you’re very lucky), but your chances will increase significantly!