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Date: 27. January 2016

'Pick Up Artists' Kicked Out of Australia

US ‘pick up artist’ Julien Blanc has just had his visa for Australia cancelled. This comes about as a result of a backlash against his dating seminars, which have been described as ‘vile and disgusting’.  Mr. Blanc was not the only one to get in trouble with both Australian authorities and the general public, however.

Another pick up artist, Jeff Allen, also caused widespread anger. Mr. Allen is a member of Real Social Dynamics, a group of pick up artists who host seminars around to world that claim to teach men how to land women. Over a dozen of these seminars were planned to be hosted in Australia this year, however over 60,000 people signed a petition online calling for Mr. Allen's deportation.

'Vile and Disgusting' Pick Up Artist Leaves Australia

According to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, the pick up artist has now left the country. According to a report from ABC, Allen managed to left Australia before his visa had been revoked. In speaking to Sky news, Dutton also said, "A person associated with this particular movement has had his visa cancelled."

"When you have a look at some of the information that these guys are promoting, it’s pretty repugnant to say the least," he went on.

Dutton went on to praise the Department of Immigration, as well as the officers who had managed to identify the people involved. He stated that they had no legitimate reason to be in Australia and that they 'didn’t meet character tests'. It was because of this that the visas of people like Jeff Allen and Julian Blanc had been cancelled. In the event of this, RSD sent an email to all of its subscribers stating that the seminars had been cancelled.

Real Social Dynamics Booked Seminars Under a Different Name

According to Vibe Hotels, who were planning on hosting the seminar, Real Social Dynamics had booked their events under a different name. They have since cancelled any future events that were planned. Such a booking strategy certainly seems to show a somewhat shady side to RSD's motives!

Using Isolation and Emotional Abuse to Pick Up Women

Jeff Allen's colleague Julien Blanc was kicked out of Australia by then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison in 2014. This was apparently due to his encouraging men to use "male privilege, isolation and emotional abuse" in order to get women into bed. Some of the techniques used included things like putting women’s heads next to his crotch, as well as choking them.

Prior to Mr. Allen’s leaving the country, a petition from aimed to get rid of Allen via deportation. This was apparently due to him saying things like women dreaming of being “tied up and fully succumbing to your aggressive masculinity.” He also said some pretty incendiary things on the RSD forum, claiming that “women wanna be raped…” but, “…they also want to be made feel beautiful.”

Understandably, such seminars have ended up causing a thunderous amount of anger.

"We have enough violence against women right now. If our government is seriously committed to addressing this then they can start by keeping people who condone the use of force against women out of Australia," said Abby Fredericks in a comment on the petition.

Another petitioner stated that he was signing the petition because, "This type of garbage has to stop."