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Date: 09. March 2016

Dating Online?
Keep Your Grammar In Check

Online dating comes with a range of rules and tips for singles to follow. Grammar is naturally one of those soft points -not just on dating sites, but on the Internet as a whole. Nearly half of singles (apparently 48%, that is!) are definitely having none of it when it comes to poor grammar. This is at least what has transpired with a recent study.

How Men View Bad Grammar

According to the study of over 9,000 single people on the dating site Zoosk, it appears that many can be heavily judgmental regarding a potential date’s use of language. What is probably unsurprising, though, is that men were a little more tolerant of this than women were. 60% of men weren’t as bothered by bad grammar when it came to dating (it is unsurprising because a number of social experiments show that a significant number of men are happy to overlook almost anything if the end result is them going on a date).

How Women View Bad Grammar

On the other hand, 65% of surveyed women saw bad grammar as a red flag. 72% of women who responded often found a lot of the most blatant spelling errors to be the biggest turn-offs. For example, leaving out a space between “a lot” (spelling it “alot”) was seen as a definite no-no. This was seen to decrease the rate of responses to message by 12%.

Others believed that using bad grammar and generally having a lot of spelling mistakes gave the indication that someone simply didn’t care or was just too lazy to.

Positive Signs

Using a full stop at the end of a message seemed to impress respondents considerably. 93% of people as a whole were 10% more likely to actually reply to one if it contained proper punctuation. Surprisingly, using “LOL” in your message would also work when it came to getting responses (the likeliness of this is increased by 25%).

Be careful, though, and don’t go mad with your LOLs. Using YOLO is definitely going to bring your response rates down by 47%. The grammatically challenged need not worry too much, however. 40% of those in the survey believe that bad grammar isn’t necessarily an indication of a bad person. It just means you made a mistake.

Though… Probably try not to use YOLO.


Source: Gizmodo