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Date: 10. April 2016

Start an Online Dating Conversation and Avoid Awkwardness
The Best Intros to Get the Ball Rolling

As a dating mastermind, Matthew Hussey has the right tips and tricks to help you get a guy’s attention straight away. Whether using a dating site or app, these conversation starters will help you get the ball rolling and hopefully result in a date!

"Are you really (X)?"

Ask about interests and, well, his interest will immediately turn to you. For example: “Are you really into cricket?”. You could also say, “Did you really go on holiday to Saudi Arabia? That’s a dream of mine!” This shows an immediate connection to an aspect of your potential date’s life, and therefore he’ll be eager to try and impress you!

"I don’t know if we would get along, but I thought I’d message you since you also love (X)."

 It is known that men feel a little safer and ready to open up when the women that they’re speaking to has some share of their passion, whether it be a book, band, cereal or something like making fruit friends. By stating as well, "I don’t know if we would get along…", you’re throwing out the challenge (in a subtle way!) for him to try and see if you two would. It really throws the ball in his court!

"So, (Jeremiah), shall we starting chatting or do you prefer to stare at profile pics all day?"

This is one of those messages that can break an otherwise frozen stalemate, but also in a lighthearted sort of way. A lot of guys just want an excuse to be invited to talk to you: now you've allowed your potential date to take the lead. And of course, using a name makes it a lot more personal. It makes the single more inclined to send you a message back.

"(That shirt/those shoes/that apron) in your pic…"

This kind of cliffhanger is certainly going to build intrigue. They'll be absolutely dying to know what you think about it. As an example: if he’s wearing a costume from Halloween, say, "That Pope costume…" When the response comes: "What about it?" say, "I MUST HAVE IT!" or, "My greatest respect to you, Your Holiness, for pulling it off…"